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The Gathering Source food pantry offers a wide variety of foods including fresh produce, meats, pizzas, cereals, and a variety of ingredients to make a nutritious meal. The pantry recently expanded to include personal essential items such as shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes.  We carry paper products when they are available. The food pantry is currently curbside due to the pandemic.  Items may be limited based on availability. 

You may wish to consider using our food pantry if:

– There are times you have to make a choice between paying for rent and utilities or buying food

– There are times you do not buy food so you can pay for your medical care or medication

– There are times you do not eat so your children can eat

– There are times you do not buy needed food so you can put gas in the car to go to work 

– There are times you buy a certain type of food because it is the cheapest and you cannot afford nutritious food

It’s easy to register!  You will need to provide a photo ID and proof of residency for all adult members of your household.  You will need to provide full name and date of birth for all household members under the age of 18.  Please bring your photo ID each time you visit the pantry.  

During this time, we will not be using personal containers or bags.  A volunteer from our team will bring out your food items for you to safely load in your vehicle.

Backpack Program

The Gathering Source provides school supply-filled backpacks for Dodgeland and Hustisford families in need.

We make a point of providing backpacks that fill each child with pride so they do not stand out from the rest of the students. The backpacks  and school supplies are assembled by volunteers and placed at the child’s desk for open house.  To preserve a student’s privacy and dignity, backpack recipients remain confidential.


Registration has closed for the 2021/2022 school year.  

Please contact your school office directly with any questions or concerns regarding your child’s school supplies.  

Weekend Meal Packs

As many as half of the children in our Dodgeland and Hustisford schools receive a free or reduced lunch due to lack of household income.  For many of these children, school is their main source of food. 

The Gathering Source provides weekend meal packs for children whose main source of food is school.  These meal packs include cereal, shelf stable milk, two simple-to-prepare meals, one or two nutritious snacks, and fruit.


Meal packs are assembled by student and faculty volunteers on a weekly basis and sent home with registered students each weekend. To preserve a student’s dignity and privacy, recipients of the weekend meal packs remain confidential.